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The 1080p Gaming Setup

The 1080p Gaming Setup is tailored for individuals enthusiastic about PCs who either possess a dedicated GPU or are contemplating adding one to their setup. This model is meticulously designed to create a strong foundation for a system that users can easily expand as their requirements evolve.

With the 1080p Gaming Setup, you can dive into a world of thrilling aerial adventures, epic battlegrounds, and numerous other scenarios, giving you the opportunity to engage in your interests fully.

However, the 1080p Gaming Setup offers more than just a computer; it acts as your portal to a realm that nurtures happiness and provides relief from the complexities of life.

At Gaming Force PCs, we are more than just computer creators; we empower profound experiences, enabling you to disconnect from the outside world and embrace moments of joy. Our dedication extends to individuals ranging from veterans dealing with PTSD and gamers facing demanding work situations to teenagers taking care of ill parents and children battling illnesses. We take pride in offering a sanctuary of tranquility.

For those with aspirations of professional gaming, streaming, or content creation similar to their beloved YouTubers, our thoughtfully engineered PCs are designed to guide you towards success.

The base configuration of the 1080p Gaming Setup includes an Intel i3 10100 processor and 8GB of (non RGB) ram, providing an excellent entry point for those stepping into the world of enhanced PC experiences.


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The 1080p Gaming Beast

Starting Price $550

1080p Gaming Beast - Intel i3 10100 +$
Teamgroup DDR4 8GB 3200MHz (non RGB) +$0


CPU: Intel i3 10100 +$
CPU Cooler: Intel Stock Cooler +$
Motherboard: ASUS Prime H510M-E LGA1200 +$0
RAM: Teamgroup DDR4 8GB 3200MHz (non RGB) +$0
GPU: Intel UHD Integrated Graphics +$0
NVME SSD: Teamgroup 256GB Gen3x4 NVME SSD
Power Supply: 650Watt Corsair RMx PSU

No Corners Ever cut

Gaming Force PCs are built with no corners cut to provide the ultimate gaming experience. With XMP enabled, your system will automatically overclock your RAM to its maximum potential, allowing you to run games smoothly and without lag. All drivers are installed to ensure that your hardware is fully compatible and functioning at peak performance. The optimized Windows 11 operating system takes advantage of the latest technology to provide gamers with the best possible experience, with fast loading times and increased stability. From the latest AAA titles to the most demanding esports games, Gaming Force PCs provide the power and reliability you need to dominate the competition. So why settle for anything less? Invest in a Gaming Force PC today and experience gaming like never before.